You have reached the home of  King & Queen's Catering (KQ Catering)KQ Catering is the call you make to serve any occasion when a royal touch is required. We will come to your home or event location and serve up a customized menu of your choice.  If you are having a BBQ with friends or a seated dinner for a wedding reception, we specialize in it all.  KQ Catering provides the best tasting food, exceptional service and the epitome of professionalism. KQ Catering is the combination of flavors, spices and techniques that will absolutely please your palate and impress your guests. This is where great food, quality service and memorable experiences come together.  If you are searching for a  Caterer that transcends the ordinary and delivers the extraordinary then  King & Queen's Catering is your destination.


King & Queen's Catering was formed when Thomas Covington and Queenester  Covington  married  and  infused  there culinary styles into a delicacy plated for the most discerning taste and sophis-ticated styles.  Thomas was born in Hempstead, NY were he dis-covered his love for preparing culinary dishes at a young age.  After completing his NFL career, Thomas developed his culinary skills by creating the best BBQ and Gourmet meals for select clients in various occasions and events. Queenester was born in Americus, GA where the tutelage of her mother and  caregivers  helped cultivate her southern style of culinary genius affording her the opportunity to serve irresistable meals for the  southern elite.  Over two decades of experience has led this talented  team to finally establish their own brand  in what everyone has known and will come to know as King & Queen's Catering.

Our Motto, "Together We Make Delicious."

Our Standard, "Taste The Passion"

Our Guarantee, "Your Satisfaction is Our Recipe" 

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Cuisine Creators                                                                                                                                      Thomas Thomas & Queenester Covington